Friday, 3 August 2012

Thing 13

1. Google Docs

I was introduced to this when I started at St John's, and also through having a play around with last year's 23 things programme around the same time. We use it to make announcements, and also to publish working hour rotas and details for example for public events and work experience students. It has been quite useful in that respect, but I can see how there is more potential for its use. For example, in the library we all access the Google calendar and docs through the same account details, which I guess is the not the point to be made in this thing. It would be immensely useful for group work when studying, and is maybe something I would consider from September when I 'return' to university.

2. Dropbox

I love this, and this year have become an avid user! It has been useful when making applications to library school, as I could work on them both at work and home using different computers. I think it's great to back up individual files that I want to keep safe, as I know that wherever I am I will always be able to access it. Transferring files between my old and new laptops has been another way it has proved its use. What it is interesting to note is that you can share files with people who do not have a dropbox account - something that may be useful at some point.

3. Wikis

Not a day will go by without me randomly googling an unknown word and ending up on Wikipedia do educate me a little! It is invaluable to many people, if you don't need to know everything about something, and are just curious. At university I found it had limited use, as even if you could find a page on quantum entanglement, it didn't necessarily mean the words were understandable! Sometimes looking at it just made it more confusing! I have never considered writing my own wiki, my only experience of this is as a graduate trainee maintaining the CATALOG website and recording changes made. I never really thought of this as a wiki though...

To conclude, I am always going to sing the praises of dropbox as it has had so many uses for me. My only wish would be for more space on my account! I have not yet got my head around Google, with so many aspects to it, and I think I need to look at it more carefully.

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