Monday, 20 August 2012

Thing 17

The Medium is the Message - Prezi and Slideshare

I have to say I have gotten quite excited about this thing - and have just spent an hour playing with Prezi, trying to get my head around it! I thought I would start by trying to create a basic presentation about the steps to applying for a graduate traineeship (nice and easy, don't need to think too much about the content!). I am one of those people who just jumps in without reading the instructions so I just went straight away to use a basic template that they offered - and I really liked the look of the footsteps one. I love the way you can zoom in and out of the different parts of the presentation, it looks so much more interesting than PowerPoint. I think one great way this could be used, for fun, would be to create a presentation for yourself of holiday photos. You could either use a timeline format (I love making timelines, after all the time I spent preparing the Johnian Physicists exhibition at St John's!) or as a keen OS map user when out walking, maybe a large map of the area you had been with the key places you visited and the photos you took. Maybe this is not quite what it is designed for, but I think it's a nice idea! In terms of concentrating on its uses in the real world, I can see how invaluable it would be to be able to share presentations and allow others to edit it, wherever you are in the world. I found it a little disappointing that you have to pay to allow your presentations to be kept private, but I guess that is to be expected. I also had some difficulty using the options, such as putting photos into the presentation, but I think this is something that could be solved by actually following some of the tutorials beforehand, and this is what I aim to do!

This thing is definitely going to give me something to fill in any bored moments I have over the next few weeks! I haven't even tried Slideshare yet...

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