Friday, 20 July 2012

Thing 12

Putting the social into social media

This is something I imagine I am not great at! Aside from using facebook, which I guess my use could be labelled as social, I don't think I use social media effectively. I have said previously that I feel the main reason for this is the lack of time and medium on which to do so. I don't have a phone, netbook or ipad that I can use to access the internet whilst on the move, and have very little spare time on my laptop using these kinds of websites. For a lot of people who use social media as part of their job I can see how that is more achievable, as part of their day is dedicated to it, but it's not something that I am required to do at the moment. But maybe I should be...

I think that to begin with I could try to comment more on other people's blogs when I am preparing my own posts, as I do have a look around to get ideas (not being an imaginative person!) and I obviously have views on what other people write about. But this has to be a two way thing, if I attempt to be sociable but noone else does... why bother?

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