Sunday, 12 February 2012


The last week or so has been a cold one, and experiencing Cambridge in the snow has been beautiful! The temperatures in the library have been a little chillier than one can cope with, and the aim has been to see how many layers I can wear and still move...

As time gets further through my traineeship I have begun to think about more pressing matters, such as what will I be doing come August. Gaining a place on a LIS Masters course has been achieved however there is the subject of how I will fund this, and my living costs, throughout the two year period. Jobs are not so easy to come by from my research, so it could be a case of thinking outside the box! I've been immensely lucky this year, I have learnt so much so far and I'm only a little over half way through. I hope the skills I've picked up on the way will be useful in the coming months as I begin the tedious process of applications again.

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