Saturday, 28 January 2012

Joe Brearley

January has been quite a busy month so far in the library; there has been a lot of biographical work to be getting on with. Recently I have been working through a book about Joe Brearley, ‘the man who taught Harold Pinter’, who was a Johnian and beforehand had a very tiny entry in the ‘Register of Twentieth Century Johnians’. Thanks to the book, ‘Fortune’s Fool’ I have managed to bulk out his record significantly, with his whole career history and details of his travels. He was a fascinating person, and his life around the time of the Second World War was riveting to read about. Although the book is fairly hefty it was relatively easy to browse, and I spent a few hours earlier this week reading the letters to friends and family and the various bits he wrote before he died. I felt very happy as I updated the Register with my newfound information, and I hope more people will be interested to read of him and his life.

This week Rebecca (Butler Project Associate) and I had great fun attending a Zumba class. One of the craziest things I’ve done in a while, I did feel it was a great workout! Looking forward to going next week, though along with step it does leave me feeling a little exhausted by mid week! I’m looking forward to my day off tomorrow, which will hopefully involve a small lie in. The rest of this weekend involves going to Evensong in the College, along with my grandparents and cousin which I am quite excited about as I hear the music is amazing. I am also expecting to enjoy some tasty food at the Galleria restaurant by the river; they have excellent reviews so I am hoping for something enjoyable!

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