Thursday, 19 January 2012

A New Year

Hello All

After such a long time of no blogging I've decided to start a fresh. This week has seen me writing various pieces for the CATALOG website and it's got me in the mood for thinking and typing.

It's been a busy one, in fact the last three weeks since I arrived back in Cambridge have all been productive, despite there being various days spent outside of the library. Together I worked with the other trainees to produce a poster for the libraries@cambridge conference last week, spending a day of my leave before Christmas putting everything together. I've also spent three days up at the Innovation Centre in Cambridge helping Allen, the Lower Library Cataloguer, work through many boxes of books donated to the library. I found this fascinating and would love to get involved with it more, which I have been promised! I've also been working on a project with Fiona in the Biographical Office locating all the past Overseas Visiting Scholars of the College. It's only these last few days I've managed to get on with the general work load and it's quite pleasing to see my 'To do' list shrink a little!

Other than that it's been back to normal, meeting up with friends (and family) for lunches and coffe, going to step aerobics (yay!) and generally trying to get all those bits and pieces done around the house that you just leave until you really have to do them. I've also had the excitement of receiving offers from both Northumbria and Aberystwyth to study with them by distance learning. Now just to see where the rest of this year takes me and what I'll end up doing from August... a little scary thought.

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