Monday, 25 June 2012

Things 8 and 9

Google Calendar and Evernote

This thing started off quite quickly as I already use Google Calendar at work. We have a library account to which we all add anything that is going on here, with the different areas of the library colour coded for ease. A copy is printed out every Monday and kept by the issue desk so it is easy to find but the calendar is constantly updated by us throughout the week. Leave is added by all staff, and it is helpful to know whether the Librarian or the Special Collections Librarian are in the building or not. We also use this account for Google Documents, allowing us to publish any important information to there for example staff work rotas (who is working lates this week) and information about work experience students.

Evernote is something I have never encountered and at a first glance I though it must be Endnote! It looks quite an interesting piece of software, and something that would be immensely useful to me. I hope that it is something I will play around with a bit more and possibly use when studying for my Masters from September.

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