Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Thing 6

This Thing starts out looking at two social networks that I am (relatively) familiar with. At least Facebook is something that everyone my age has at some point used, and is seen as vital to be a part of whilst at university. For me, now I am no longer a student I feel I use it less. I still enjoy being able to see what old friends are up to, looking at photos and reading their posts, but I don't reveal so many aspects of my life anymore. I do believe that Facebook should be kept separate from your professional life, and I have to say that I have never quite understood why businesses use Facebook - it doesn't quite make sense to me! Taking a library for example, I think using Twitter and a blog to keep followers up to date on news and opening times would make more sense.

I have spoken about LinkedIn previously, and I do think it is a really interesting network. It is particularly useful to me in this job as I frequently come across the profiles of Johnians (members of St John's College, Cambridge) which I can use to update their record in the Biographical database that I work on with the Biographical Office based here in the library. As to helping me find work... it had not yet been useful... but I hope that when people search for me they can find out a lot about my background using this network.

Finally I took a look at the LIS New Professionals Network, which as I had never used it before I decided to sign up and have an explore. There seemed to be alot of different areas to look at, and it was particularly interesting to see all the posts about graduate trainees such as myself, with questions like 'Graduate Trainees 2011-12 where are you going and what are you doing?' I think it will be very interesting to look at other peoples feedback to questions such as this, and to put my own views forward.

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  1. You're so on top of the things now... like a ninja blogger! Very nice.I completely agree with you re: facebook.