Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thing 4... the important bit

This is a bit late, but I seem to be behind on all my things at the moment!

Okay, what did I do yesterday? I am not new to Twitter, but it must be said that I am not a big tweeter. I find Twitter a little strange, as I never feel I have anything to share with everyone that takes up such a small amount of space! At university I did find it useful though, following organisations such as the university library and computer services. I also like to check it occasionally to see what is going on with friends who are more avid tweeters than me. So it does have it's uses. I do feel it would be more important to me if I had some medium to use it, that wasn't a laptop or pc, so I could it on the move and quickly. Having to turn this on, find the website, log in and then post is not terribly easy!

Again, I feel the RSS feeds would be particularly useful on a phone! I have been using these for a while, without really appreciating what they are and learning what it is an abbreviation for amuses me. I guess SS would be too short? I do think this is an interesting tool to see everyones blogs though, which definitely helps when it comes to figuring out what I should write. Now I can use it more than just for looking at the BBC news on my Google homepage. I subscribed to 'Infoism' which I think will be good reading. It was also interesting to note a blog he wrote on the subject of volunteering in libraries, which I had been reading more about earlier in an email LinkedIn had sent me due to my being a member of the 'CILIP: Library, Information and Knowledge Professionals' group. I would definitely recommend joining it if you are on LinkedIn (which you should be!).

Finally on to Sporify - something completely new to me. A little tricky to get my head around at first - but I did have fun playing around! I was sad to see some people had not posted their 'stories' in their blog, though it did take me a while to figure out how to! I did enjoy looking at all the photographs in The Wandering Librarian's blog of libraries he will be visiting in Chicago, again I find it amazing how many different people are taking part in this.

All in all I have found these (3) things fascinating to play with, and I know I have barely scratched the surface. I look forward to meddling a little more, when some time allows.

Here's to Thing 5...

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