Thursday, 13 October 2011

What is a blog?

I'm rather new to the concept of a blog, and the idea of writing anything other than a differential equation so this could be interesting... But I'm keen to give things a go so here I am. Probably not the typical librarian blogger, I come from a rather scientific background but I don't see why this can't be a hugely beneficial thing in a predominantly arts-based environment. I am forever a logical person and could be quite useful when it comes around to handling that wonderful cataloguing client, Voyager (the interface forever emblazed (note to self - is this a word?) in my mind after the many hours in the UL with my fellow graduate trainees in Cambridge).

Anyway after much prodding here is my attempt at a blog... wish me luck. My imagination is not my most defining feature so bare with me, it is possible I will simply list facts! But maybe I'll show what it's like being a Physicist turned Librarian and go some way to explaining what lead to this huge change in career (if indeed I can call it that).

Thank you for reading this far!

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